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Café EDA

Café EDA

Enterprise Data Augmentation Platform

Café EDA provides data repository for billions of rows, data munging, data blending, data slicing, data dicing, aggregation, pivoting and much more at your fingertip. All within browser-based drag and drop environment.

Gather 360 Data

Café EDA let you gather data from various repositories, e.g. file upload, hdfs, ftp, jdbc, onedrive, google drive, Dropbox, amazon s3 etc.

Data Augmentation

Café EDA let you play with the data. It helps you clean, enrich, reduce and merge the data to prepare for data modelling, data scoring or publish to different platforms.


Café EDA let you connect with our partners platform, e.g. H2O and OpenText, access API, send receive data and initiate different processes.

API and Automation

Café EDA provide APIs to invoke processes and schedule data gathering job or schedule workflow for model preparation/publish/scoring.

Advanced Python Integration

Café EDA let you run your python code on its platform, so your own proprietary data insights can be run and integrate within the platform.

Café EDA AI Studio lets you visually build data transformation recipes, DL/ML/Hybrid models and end-to-end pipelines that ingest data from your enterprise environment and create intelligence feeding your business systems

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