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Frequently Asked Questions

Substantially complex, big data involve hundreds and thousands of terabytes or exabytes of data (starts with 1 and has 18 zeros after it, or 1 million terabytes) per single data set. If explained in simple words, big data is a collection of data sets, which comes from a variety of sources, like customer data, Internet of Things and social media. If compiled and analyzed in the right manner, it helps in understanding the nature of the lifestyle and purchasing habits of people and customers better.
From cloud companies like Amazon to airlines companies to financial firms to healthcare giants, it seems as if everyone is developing a strategy to use big data. For example, every mobile phone user has a monthly bill which catalogs every call and every text; processing the sheer volume of that data can be challenging. Software logs, remote sensing technologies, information-sensing mobile devices all pose a challenge in terms of the volumes of data created. The size of Big Data can be relative to the size of the enterprise. For some, it may be hundreds of gigabytes, for others, tens or hundreds of terabytes to cause consideration.
Adopt interactive data visualization tools and take your business to new heights. These tools are rewarding, say thanks to Big Data! Big conglomerates, like Google, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Twitter embraced the tools to visualize data. And this goes beyond the basic usage of graphs, excel charts and pivot tables.
Until today, companies had two options for data analytics: complex and pricey BI tools that can handle big and complex data, or lower cost tools that are simpler but do not scale well. EDA has developed a revolutionary product that includes everything you need to get insights from multiple, large data sets at a fraction of the cost of traditional business intelligence tools. All this is made possible by our award-winning technology that eliminates the technical hurdles, runs on standard hardware, and let’s business users go from scattered data to beautiful dashboards with minimum IT.
Predictive analytics is business intelligence technology that produces a predictive score for each customer or another organizational element. Assigning these predictive scores is the job of a predictive model which has, in turn, been trained over your data, learning from the experience of your organization. Predictive analytics optimizes marketing campaigns and website behavior to increase customer responses, conversions and clicks, and to decrease churn. Each customer’s predictive score informs actions to be taken with that customer — business intelligence just doesn’t get more actionable than that.
You may have some data and a few reports you can get quickly. Enterprise digital analytics vendors require users to select specific data and reports in advance for real-time access. They may ask you to plan ahead to accommodate data collection needs, like unexpected traffic spikes. The problem is that the real world works in real time. So your analytics should too. Get ALL your data and reports in real time without needing to select and configure just specific data items or reports in advance with Easy Data Analytics.
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